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Adobe Lightroom Beta 4  ออกมาใหม่ให้ลองดาวโหลดมาใช้อีกแล้วครับ  ;D

Lightroom Beta 4 also features:
Groundbreaking changes in the way tone curve adjustments are made and displayed, giving you the highest quality results in an interface that's easier to use than ever before.
More streamlined and elegant user interface - We've made several changes to the look and feel based on your feedback in the earlier beta releases.
Customizable interface - You can now display only the controls you want to be visible.
Precision white balance selection tool
Facility to easily rename and convert files to DNG after they've been imported to the Lightroom library
Increased interaction between Lightroom library organizational structure and the underlying file system
Filter and search presets to more quickly find the photographs you want
Better performance and improved interface for the Web module features
Develop control improvements based on community feedback, including comments from the Pixmantec user community (welcome!)

ลองไปโหลดมาดูนะครับ  :D

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